Arkansas Quilters Guild

Little Rock, Arkansas

The Purpose of the Arkansas Quilters Guild is to promote the appreciation of the rich heritage of the art of quilting and to enhance each member's own quilting skills and knowledge, It shall also be the purpose of this organization to expand and to enrich the art of quilting for future generations and preserve the existing quilts. 

Visitors are Welcome at Our Monthly General Meetings

Next Meeting: Monday, December 12th, 2016

December Meeting Information:



We’ve been waiting all year. Now, we get to start the WILD bidding. We have a great list of items; gifts for family and friends and maybe even ourselves. If you are still working on something, let us know by the end of November and we will add the last minute items to the catalog.

As a surprise for Gaylen, please wear western wear and/or a cowboy hat to the meeting. Since this is also our big party for the year, bring your favorite party goodie. We’re not assigning dishes by names as we do during the year. Just bring your very favorite; if we have plates and plates of cookies, so be it! This is also a great time to invite your non-quilting friends to come to the meeting with you. They will definitely be entertained and might even get some of their shopping done too.

We will hand out bidding numbers at the door. A note to consider: A few of the items are for groups, i.e., Dinner for Six. These should be bid on by one person for your group and then that person can collect from the other attendees.

Quilters Cook Too Cookbook $10.00

+ $3.00 SH

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Arkansas Quilters Guild

P.O. Box 2258

North Little Rock, AR. 72114


Terry Library October 11-December 12, 2016

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